How to motivate your self!

Are you trying to work out and be healthy?? Take a photo of the you that you never want to be again, such your self to do the best, to death healthy. Have motivational photos all over the house that encourage you to get up and do your best. Only buy healthy foods, look up appetizing photos of healthy food! You can do it!!



Photography is more then just a camera, its the editing soft wares, the computer,  the back up hard drive, the lights, studios, social media its full of technology. The world is becoming so compatible with technology that anyone with a camera could  try and consider themselves a “Professional”. This is how out world of photography is becoming so saturated…. because of the advancement of technology.

Weather Photography

Some people are weather photographers, they chase storms, they capture lightning and enjoy sunsets. To be able to capture natural events like weather speak for themselves in their photography. They are all simply beautiful! I take weather photos for my own enjoyment and not for a professional aspect.


Many people take photos as a hobby. Those that do take photos for a hobby don’t usually take photos of people. It usually consists of landscapes, wildlife, and flowers. They may try to sell them at a craft fair. Other wise remember they aren’t necessary a professional photographs.

Sports Photography

What do you need to do to your camera settings to capture great sports photos? Well first you will need a fast shutter speed. But the faster your shutter speed the darker the photo. Open up your aperture as far as you think to make a good photo. Next is your ISO the higher the ISO the grainer the photo maybe but the brighter it gets as well. Take all of these into consideration when you decide to shoot sports and then if you still need some light to freeze the action, use your speed light flash!

$ for photography

Many people complain about the price a photographer cost to take photos, little do they know that taking photos is the least time consuming part of the process. Many professional photographers spend hours sitting behind a computer editing photos and studying the next new thing and tactics. A photographer that shoots for 2 hours spent at least  twice that amount of time editing photos. That doesn’t include designing announcements for seniors, weddings ect. So when you think a photographer is to high priced realize all the work that goes into your big day that you don’t even see, its more time consuming then you may thing!

Family Photography

From experience family photography is one of the most difficult and time consuming sessions a photographer has to do. First you have more then one person to pose, and you have to pay attention to each one of them!! Time, Time and Patience is what it takes to be a great family portrait photographer!

Food Photography

Many restaurants can make it or breaking it with the photos they have for their menus! Why not hire a food photographer to make your food look as appealing as possible. From experience if I see a photo in a menu of something that looks amazing I would decide on that dish rather then a menu with no photos or poor photos of their food.

Look at the difference!